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Booking conditions

General business and cancellation conditions Pension Krakonoš regulate the mutual contractual relationship between the operator of the pension client - natural or legal person who orders a stay in the pension as the client.


  The operator of the accommodation facility pension Krakonoš is Pension Krakonoš sro ičo: 09034269. Registered in the Commercial Register 11.3.2020 C 45533 / KSHK Regional Court in Hradec Králové.

Address: Harrachov 172 | 512 46 Harrachov.

Tel: 608 302 200

e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Booking order

The client orders services in the pension by a written order or a reservation request, which he submits to the pension by e-mail, via the reservation interface on the website or by phone. The essential requirements establishing a duly issued order or reservation request are: name and surname of the client, address of permanent residence, contact (telephone, e-mail), in the case of legal entities business name, ID number, VAT number date of service. The transferred personal data of the client stated in the order or reservation of the stay will be used by the pension only for the concluded contractual relationship between the pension and the client.

After a duly issued and submitted order or a submitted binding reservation request, the client is bound by this document. By confirming the order or request for a binding reservation by the pension, a contractual relationship is established between the client and the pension. The pension undertakes to provide the client with services in the confirmed scope and quality and the client to pay the pension the agreed price. The conditions of the contractual relationship apply to all persons listed in the order / reservation request submitted by the client and confirmed by the pension.

Reservations can be made via the booking form on the pension's website: , or in the form of an inquiry via the inquiry form: , or by email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or by phone 608 302 200.

Booking form: Here you select the date of arrival and departure, the number of people or the number of rooms. After entering this information, the system will find available rooms in the given period and assign the price valid in the period of the request for the reservation date. Prices are available in the price list See: .

After completing your reservation, the operator will receive information about your order. The operator must confirm the reservation. As soon as the reservation is confirmed by the operator, you will be sent a confirmation email to the address provided by you when creating the reservation.

Booking via contact form or email: Enter your reservation date, number of people, number of rooms and we will answer you as soon as possible. In case of a free date, we will enter the reservation into our reservation system.

Reservations by phone: Contact us at: 608 302 200



The pension has 4 double rooms with extra beds for children. Maximum occupancy is 2 adults + 1 child. In case of 1 adult and 2 children, one child is charged per adult. Minimum occupancy is 2 people for 2 nights. In case of a one-day stay, contact us by phone or email.



Prices are calculated per person per night. During the year, prices change depending on the season, see the price list. The children's price is always -20% of the adult price. Children count from 2 to 12 years old. Children under 2 are free.

Deposits: The deposit is 30% of the total accommodation price and must be paid by bank transfer to the account: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. We do not require a deposit for stays shorter than 3 days

The surcharge is charged in cash on arrival.


Arrival and departure: Arrival until 22:00. Leaving the guest house by 10:00, unless otherwise agreed.

Upon arrival, the client proves himself at the reception (office) of the pension with an identity card, passport or other identity card.

After completing the above formalities, the reception will accommodate the client and provide him with further information on the stay or other ordered services.

Cancellation Policy:

The client has the right to cancel the stay, ie to withdraw from the confirmed order / reservation request for the stay under the conditions listed below. This withdrawal by the client (hereinafter referred to as cancellation) must be made in writing and demonstrably delivered to the pension.


in case of cancellation between 14 days and 10 days: 30% of the price of the stay

in case of cancellation between 10 days and 5 days: 50% of the stay

if the stay is canceled for 4 days or less: 100% of the stay


Rights and obligations:

Client's rights: The client has the right to be sufficiently and completely informed by the pension about the ordered services, ie their scope, date and price, for the proper provision of the services ordered by the pension (paid in advance),

cancel the confirmed order / reservation request before the start of the stay, provided that the cancellation conditions are complied with, claim defects in the services provided.

Obligations of the client: Completely and correctly state all the essentials of the order / reservation request, pay the pension in the required time deposit for the stay and respect the regulations of the facilities whose services it uses, carefully check the pension issued by the pension and contact any pension immediately if any discrepancies are found.

Obligations of the pension: The pension is obliged to provide the client with important information about the ordered services, to confirm to the client the properly ordered services. With a binding reservation or confirmed order, provide the client with services in the confirmed scope and quality.

In the event of withdrawal from the confirmed service order / binding reservation by the client, pay the advance payment for the services no later than 14 days after receiving the cancellation in writing. However, if the pension is entitled to cancellation fees, it will pay the client the difference between the deposit already paid and the relevant cancellation fees.


Final Provisions:

These business and cancellation conditions are an integral part of the service order.

These general terms and conditions and legal relationships arising from them are governed by Czech law.

The pension reserves the right to request payment of an advance payment of 30% of the price of the ordered services according to the previously confirmed order.

The total price for the services provided will be paid on the basis of the issued accounting document (receipt, invoice), according to the conditions stated therein.

Payment can be made in cash or on invoice (by prior arrangement). Payment cannot be made by credit card.

The general business and cancellation conditions take effect on September 30, 2020. Changes and additions to these conditions can be individually regulated between the pension and the client only in writing.

These terms and conditions have been published on the provider's website  and became valid on September 30, 2020.


Harrachov 172
512 46 Czech republic
+420 608 302 200

Penzion Krakonoš s.r.o.
Harrachov 172
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